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Gaffrée and Guinle University Hospital (HUGG) of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State (UNIRIO), Brazil





​The inauguration of the hospital in 1929, with its beautiful and imposing architecture, was the Gaffrée and Guinle Foundation's greatest achievement. The Gaffrée e Guinle Hospital became one of the most important chapters in the history of the Rio de Janeiro School of Medicine and Surgery, but only after 1968 it was renamed “Gaffrée e Guinle University Hospital”. On June 5, 1979, he joined the University of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO), now the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, becoming part of its Center for Biological and Health Sciences (CCBS). Currently, the Gaffrée and Guinle University Hospital (HUGG) has 186 active beds for hospitalizations of medium and high complexity, integrated into the Care The network of the Brazilian Unified Health System, a public system that serves the population for free, is funded by taxes and social contributions. In this year 2019 (January to June), 2,238 hospitalizations involving neoplastic diseases, childbirth, digestive diseases, and infectious and parasitic diseases have been performed. HUGG has an anonymous testing center for sexually transmitted diseases and outpatient infectious diseases. The outpatient care for 3200 HIV-positive patients is a specific outpatient clinic for Chikungunya. Some of the diseases reported in HUGG were: Arboviruses (Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika), Child exposed to Hepatitis C, Child exposed to HIV, Schistosomiasis, H1N1, Leprosy, Human Influenza by New Subtype, Tegumentary Leishmaniasis, Meningitis, Syphilis, Respiratory Syndrome Severe (SRAG), Gestational Toxoplasmosis and Tuberculosis. HUGG has a routine clinical laboratory. In addition, it has a research lab equipped with a flow cytometer, sequencer, real-time PCR thermocycler, L-PIX gel photo documenter, complete ELISA system, automated nucleic acid extractor, and a Luminex Prima for immunoassays, assays gene expression and 100 other analytes in a single well of a microdilution plate. HUGG has a medical residency, nursing and internship field for different areas of science. Clinical research follows good clinical practice (GCP) with projects being submitted to the clinical research ethics committee. Finally, HUGG also has a postgraduate program.





The Gaffrée and Guinle University Hospital (HUGG) has as mission to promote health care with excellence, train and qualify human resources for the valorization of life and produce knowledge in order to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the citizen.
It houses undergraduate and postgraduate courses of the School of Medicine and Surgery, the Alfredo Pinto School of Nursing, the School of Nutrition and the Biomedical Institute. It maintains the integrality of its actions directed to the Unified Health System (SUS), particularly in the areas of medium and high complexity, outpatient and hospital.



Principal Investigator: Fernando Raphael de Almeida Ferry​ 






Address: Mariz e Barros Street, 775, Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Phones: (21) 2264-4742 / 2264-5844